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Surfing at Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall:

Here are some photographs of me at Treyarnon Bay in Cornwall where my mate and I have spent three weeks on holiday. The surf was fantastic to start with, and we scored some awesome rides on my 6`10" pintail, however there was no photographer around at the beginning, as it was early in the holidays. Later that week we found a guy Ian who was willing to shoot some film, but unfortunatley the swell had dropped off considerably :

I was surprised by the number of bodyboarders in the line up, far more than at home.

I just wish I had had a longboard with me to take advantage of the small waves.

Also as the tide came up, they started to not brake properly.

However generally the waves were great for the holiday, they started off great, then dropped of towards the middle (when I became ill!) then they picked up for the second week and were great before we left.

All photos by Ian

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