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This is a full 360 clip.

Things to note with this one, is that you must let the board drop to the bottom face of the wave, so that you have maximum speed ready for the turn. This one isnt really that good because the board isnt kept flat enough. The first part of the turn here has the rail dug in, you should avoid this as it means you really have to force the back round with your back foot. Remember to keep the weight over the front of the board to aid in "releasing" the fins. Once the board has spun 360, try and keep your balance, in this one it was a little tricky as I lost so much speed that I was well in the white water. Keep your weight low and twist the board the final 180.

Tricks Page

1) Another Skate Clip.

2) A Small Slide on a Surfboard.

3) A full 360.

4) Another 360 in quicker animation.