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I used not to think much about riding longboards when I was younger, my Dad was always telling me they were better than shortboards for the local waves and now I've come the realize they are trully the best wave riding vehicles for days when the surf is really small. I`m not heavy and powerful enough to handle one on a big day, but for small to medium surf they are excellent. I have made an 8`4" Mini Mal, which was my second board that I made. The thing that I really like about this board, is that my brother (complete beginner) stood up on this board on his first wave! I couldn't believe it.

First Wave, First Ride...

Another Photo:

Just me chilling backwards.

The dimensions are: 8`4" x 22" by 3" thick. The bottom contour is flat, it has natural rocker, and has soft rail edges for most of the length, except for the stern. Since shaping this board, and riding a heavily nose concaved Mini Mal in Cornwall, I think that a concave in the first 2 foot or so of the board really helps provide lift therefore aiding nose riding. I also think that haveing a bit more rocker wouldn`t have gone a miss on the above Mini Mal.

I have recently finished shaping a fairly extreme Mini Mal, which is 7`10" by almost 23" wide with most of the width near the front acting as a stable base for nose riding. Despite the thin tail, the board noserides ok for someone of my light weight.

Now it has had the bottom repainted and reglossed:

It has a fair amount of conave in the nose (1/6th inch), and has quite steep rocker for a mal. Also the tail shape is very important if the mal is for nose riding, so I decided this board should have a rounded square tail shape.

Board number eight, was a 9`4" traditional noserider model, with a wide nose and tail shape. It has concave in the nose and 50/50 rails down to the last 3rd board where it becomes a low/hard rail edge. It has a Fins Unlimited centre fin with two Future side fins. The owner rides it traditional style without the side fins.

Dimensions: 9`4" x 23" x 3"

Price -

£260 for a Mini Mal (7`8"- 8`8")

£280 for a Mal (8`8" +).